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A Culture of Health is one where good health flourishes across geographic, demographic, and social sectors, and attaining the best health possible is valued by our entire society. This program was created to leverage the power of skills-based volunteering to build a powerful Culture of Health. We are connecting New Jersey’s thriving business sector with the important work that New Jersey’s nonprofit organizations are committed to through skills-based volunteering. These experiences will build empathy across sectors.

Health means more than healthy bodies and minds – it means a tightly knit society supporting all people in achieving the physical, social, economic, and emotional conditions that influence health.

Catchafire New Jersey is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Catchafire is the largest online tool that matches nonprofit organizations with passionate professionals looking to donate their skills. Together, RWJF, the New Jersey Health Initiative, and Catchafire are striving to create a more empowered social sector, and a more compassionate world.

What others are saying

“I enjoyed working with ICPYC and felt that this was truly a win-win project match. I was able to learn something new and apply my skills and expertise in a way that benefited their team. And I believe they are walking away with more than a completed project, but the knowledge and training to continue with telling their success stories in a more meaningful way…This is your chance to take your skills, expertise and creativity and put yourself to the test. This is a real opportunity to contribute individually and apply your experience to making a difference.”

Brian Wagner

Brian Wagner,

BCBSNC Employee, completed 3 projects through the skills-based volunteering program

“Catchafire has created some meaningful volunteering experiences for me. It has become a place where my side passions have really taken on a life of their own and led to some great projects and partnerships.”

Hawwa M.

Hawwa M.,

The Posse Foundation, Completed 3 projects

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