See how Nathan's skills helped on a Search Engine Marketing Plan project.

Heather K.'s mission is to facilitate research about, and to promote transparency within, the nonprofit sector. We aim to democratize access to nonprofit tax return data, removing the paywall that other websites use to separate the public from data that is intended to be public.

What did Heather need?

Our website ( is our means for delivering value to our beneficiaries -- researchers, journalists, donors, nonprofit professionals, etc. Increasing traffic to our website is key to our organization's mission, so improving search results rankings is critical. And of course we want those who end up at our website to be the type of users who will benefit from its content.

Heather and her team were knowledgeable and clear about what they were looking for. I thoroughly enjoyed working with their team and helping them create a more optimized website!
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Nathan K.


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Nov 15, 2019


Nathan K.


I am the director of marketing and sales at GlassBiller and the CEO of Kallen Media LLC. I specialize in CMS web design and digital marketing. I have worked with several non-profits on their Google Ad Grant accounts. I have also worked and put together several social media campaigns and review...
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What did Nathan have to offer?

I think it is important to have transparency in the nonprofit sector, so I fully support your organizations mission and would love to be a part of it. I currently run my own digital marketing firm and I am the director of marketing for a small point of sale software company. I specialize in optimizing our digital presence while creating pay-per-click campaigns. I have experience working with numerous nonprofits in setting up their Google campaigns and would be able to see if you are able to utilize Google Ad Grants for more potential revenue.

Many thanks to Nathan (of Kallen Media) for sharing his SEM expertise and resources!
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Heather K.

Volunteer Manager

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