See how Janet's skills helped New Jersey Minority Educational Development (NJ MED) on a Copyediting project.

Albert N. M.

New Jersey Minority Educational Development (NJ MED)

New Jersey Minority Educational Development[1] (also known as NJ MED) is an American non-governmental organization NGO that provides technical support to local, national, and international educational organizations through market research and innovative programming design services from early chil...
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What did Albert need?

Over 200 million children are out of school around the world. Most of these children are sold by their families to escape poverty or forced into child labor. Our mission is to help these children and families thru our World Top 20 Project.

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Dec 2, 2019


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Janet S.


I am passionate about proofreading and copyediting. My vast experience in written communication, with a proven eye for detail, includes proofreading and copyediting special education materials, advertising copy, and medical patients' documents.

What did Janet have to offer?

I will be honored and humbled to complete the copyediting project for the New Jersey Minority Educational Development organization through Catchafire. Their mission underlines the importance and necessity of the free services they provide to less fortunate children and families worldwide. As a copyediting volunteer, my services will enable your organization to reserve funds for other areas and expand vital services to help empower children and families for a brighter future. Education is paramount to help break the desperate and futile generational cycle. My professional experience in special education and the medical field and my background play a significant role in my qualifications for a copyediting project. I am passionate about proofreading and copyediting--a process I enjoy and have been told I have a talent for. I completed additional proofreading and copyediting courses to further expand my skills. I am also passionate about volunteerism. I edit and proofread a community college monthly newsletter, church bulletin, and brochures and newsletters for a college honor society. Other non-copyediting related volunteer activities have included Habitat for Humanity and other humanitarian organizations. Volunteerism is rewarding.

Janet, was wonderful. She completed the project within a week. Great work. Outstanding communication skills. She was excellence.
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Albert N. M.

Volunteer Manager

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