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Kinga S.

EZ Ride

Implement transportation programs and services that enhance the quality of life, regional mobility and economic opportunity for people while reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality.

What did Kinga need?

Our holiday cards get send out to many different people and organizations, including funding agencies and foundations that provide grants for our services. We feel it is important for us to show our gratitude and send a card which is more personal.

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Nov 27, 2019


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Emili P.


Hello! I have dipped my hands into many faucets of art and design! My personal passion is helping others. I am currently looking to broaden my own personal growth and skills in the creative field, which I feel this will allow me to do! I am exceptionally excited to offer the following volu...
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What did Emili have to offer?

I'm excited that I can help someone else! In return I hope this will allow me to further my own portfolio and add to my creative resume! I have been working with graphic design, print, etc since 2007! 4 years of Graphic Design / Print Shop + after school courses in HS + Adobe Programs: InDesign, Photoshop + Print Screening + Self-managed self-made custom T-shirt brand & custom sticker designs. Created by my own designs and generated an additional side income. I managed profitability, break even cost analysts, customer requests, delivered and shipped shirts + meet deadlines for customer needs while working after school FT and attending HS FT

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