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Obadias N.

Jimbere Fund/Jenga Ventures

Jimbere Fund is on a mission to mobilize, prepare, finance and launch women-led enterprises in rural communities of Congo.

What did Obadias need?

This project is incredibly important as it will allow us to effectively communicate our mission to the world and mobilize resources, both human and financial, needed to reach our strategic goals. We're looking for a graphic designer to help us with Jenga Project's basic communications materials, namely: 1) Pitch Deck and Strategic Plan: We have both these documents complete but would love a graphic designer to polish them, put colors/illustrations together in a way that engages the reader.

They were nice, I hope my job will help them with their ambitious and important project
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Sara G.


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Nov 29, 2019


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Sara G.


I'm Sara and I can help you on various graphic design needs. I got my bachelor degree in communication and graphics in Verona and I'm currently studying web marketing. I have over 4 years experience as a freelance graphic designer. Through my journey I have developed my skills to meet various des...
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What did Sara have to offer?

I grew up in a family of volunteers, in social and cultural area in particular, but I want to make my skills available not only for my community, but also for people far from me, also, I am very passionate about women related causes. I have learnt and practiced my infographic skill for my University projects and for my clients as a freelancer.

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