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Dr. Tulsi R. M.

The Asha Project

ASHA means HOPE. Providing hope is our purpose. To provide hope in all aspects of life by supporting initiatives that are run by the people of Nepal for the people of Nepal. Guided by our three pillars, we will support projects that inspire hope for the Nepali people.

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To promote our project

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Dec 31, 2019


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Ishita J.


I am a marketing and communication professional with over 8 years of experience working in branding, internal communication, marketing management, content planning and creation, graphic design, digital marketing SEO and Google Analytics The most rewarding experience is to give back in any small...
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What did Ishita have to offer?

I am very impressed with the work Asha project does with the community in Nepal. I have worked on volunteer projects in Nepal through my organization before and I would be thrilled to work on this one as well. I have been working with design software such as Indesign and illustrator for over 7 years now and have designed numerous brochures, flyers, logos and posters

It was wonderful working with Ishita. She was very helpful and did a wonderful job with our project. Thank you.
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Dr. Tulsi R. M.

Volunteer Manager

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