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Vincent E.

Arts For Kids Inc

The mission of Arts For Kids, Inc. (AFK) is to contribute to the overall success of each individual through meaningful learning opportunities in the arts regardless of age, economic status, and developmental and/or physical disabilities. AFK believes that the arts play a vital role in our communi...
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What did Vincent need?

We are in the process of renewing our state grant and our lack of a written succession plan was noted in our panel comments last year even though we were funded. We want to address this deficiency.

Vincent, Art For Kids’ CEO was a joy to work with. He provided all the materials and feedback I needed in a timely fashion in order to allow us to complete the project on time.
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Whitnie W.


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Jan 10, 2020


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Whitnie W.


Organizational and leadership development professional with experience in talent and career management, legal and legislative advocacy and education. Loves helping organizations with a talent development focused hire, develop and promote energetic, engaged and passionate employees who want be ...
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What did Whitnie have to offer?

Art, fine, visual and performing, have been an essential part of my life since I first picked up my flute. While I no longer play the flute, I am currently learning to play the piano and make time to paint and write. Any opportunity and organization that helps children be artistic and creative is one that I want to support. As schools have cut back on enrichment programs, it's vital that the community step up to fill that void and I would be honored to be a part of that effort. Succession planning is about more than who will move into a particular position. It is about employee development and engagement and the long term strength and sustainability of the organization. When approached in holistic manner an in alignment with the organization's vision and mission, succession planning becomes less of an exercise and more the DNA and soul of the organization. I help organizations not only develop plans, but train and prepare employees to be ready and able to step up when the time comes.

Whitney was outstanding to work with on our project! She was extremely knowledgeable and thorough, which made the experience so rewarding. We not only received deliverables from Whitney but were informed of issues in our by-laws that needed to be addressed, which made the project a learning exper...
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Vincent E.

Volunteer Manager

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