See how Dave's skills helped New Jersey Minority Educational Development (NJ MED) on a Partnership Proposal Presentation project.

Albert N. M.

New Jersey Minority Educational Development (NJ MED)

New Jersey Minority Educational Development[1] (also known as NJ MED) is an American non-governmental organization NGO that provides technical support to local, national, and international educational organizations through market research and innovative programming design services from early chil...
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What did Albert need?

Your help will impact the lives of over 200 million children.

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Feb 5, 2020


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Dave H.


Seasoned advertising professional who grows national brands through tactical media, reaching core consumers with the most cost-effective strategy that builds long-term, loyal brand users Experience providing direction based on client marketing objectives, while remaining a trusted resource in ei...
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What did Dave have to offer?

I believe in equal opportunity for all, regardless of age, gender, race, community, etc; all deserve the same chance at achieving greatness Over 20 years of developing client facing, business building advertising solutions to deliver on directed marketing objectives and meet/exceed sales goals (quarter/annual) Developed strategic presentations addressing client business categories Became trusted resource for advertisers/brand marketers across all forms of media Acted as business unit within an advertising agency, created independent department, and eventually whole team, dedicated to growth of client roster and agency billings, grew 3x in 2 years

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