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John E.

Archangel Raphael's Mission

Provide much needed personal hygiene services to homeless people in Middlesex County with the goal of raising each person's self esteem and ultimately his/her quality of life.

What did John need?

This project is essential in our ability to put forward a unified vision of what we do and why.

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Feb 3, 2020


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Eunice H.


A seasoned strategic thinker and in-depth qualitative researcher. Causes that stir a passion are cultural institutions, literacy, elderly, children and youth, community development and food insecurities. Storytelling is an anchor to all dimensions of branding and fundraising.

What did Eunice have to offer?

I am motivated to use stories to make a difference. Some of the areas I have worked in include mentoring, food insecurity, newcomers, meals and other services for homeless and literacy. It is easy to appreciate how much impact personal hygiene has on the well-being of an individual and thus very inspiring to support an organization focused on making personal hygiene accessible and practical for people who are homeless. Our firm has been gathering the stories of consumers on a wide variety of topics. We use images and metaphors to tap into their deeply held thoughts. Upon completing the interviews, we analyze for the shared themes and then craft the overall story of insights for the organization. Our clients have shaped brands, positioned ideas or developed products and services in response to understanding their stakeholders more deeply. In the non-profit sector, I believe the power of individual stories told in compelling ways can touch the hearts and minds of donors.

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