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Lydia S.

Hope Loves Company

Hope Loves Company Inc. is the only nonprofit organization in the United States with the mission of providing educational and emotional support to the children and young adults who had or have a loved one battling ALS.

What did Lydia need?

It is extremely important to our mission and key programming that our website is accessible to families affected by ALS. Parents with ALS who would like to register their children for our free camp, need to be able to do so in an easy way. We currently do not have the resources or finances to make this possible, so utilizing Catchafire would assist our nonprofit greatly.

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Mar 24, 2020


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Megan C.


I am a freelance UX Designer passionate about making the world a better place through design. With 6 years of experience working with non-profits and educational government organizations, I understand how difficult it can be to operate with limited resources, while also trying to compete in the d...
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What did Megan have to offer?

I am a former educator that is passionate about nurturing children so that they can reach their full potential This is especially true when it comes to supporting children with disabilities and children with loved ones with disabilities I would love to work with you in auditing your site to ensure that it is accessible to all users By making it more accessible we can further your organization's mission by spreading awareness on ALS to the public, encouraging the community to get involved, and increasing online donations to the cause. I'm excited to help! I have experience conducting usability audits for various organizations in order to highlight usability and accessibility concerns. From there I recommend changes to the highlighted concern areas and provide design mockups with those suggestions in place to provide organizations with concrete ideas of how to move forward. I would love to work with Hope Loves Company in auditing your site to ensure that it is accessible and useful for all users regardless of disability.

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