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Yvette L.

Platinum Minds

Our mission is to collaborate with other community organizations to assist academically motivated young boys from environmentally challenged neighborhoods with achieving their full academic potential and becoming leaders in their communities to effect positive change.

What did Yvette need?

This is critical event as it covers the majority of our cost for the year. We currently have one fundraiser event per year and this is threatened to be canceled on account of the Coronavirus, so we are putting together an alternative fundraiser which can be done virually.

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Mar 25, 2020


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Bruce J.


Digital Marketing Professional with 16+ years of experience. I have performed hundreds of website audits over the years.

What did Bruce have to offer?

Was requested by nonprofit. I don't know what you are expecting related to the finished product but I'm happy to offer my suggestions and assistance. My past presentations

Although Bruce was unable to complete the work with our team due to a sudden increase in demand for his services, he was informative, professional and always ready and willing to trouble shoot and lend a hand.
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Yvette L.

Volunteer Manager

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