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mark s.

The Theater Project

The mission of The Theater Project is to bring out the artist in our patrons by engaging their creativity and igniting thoughtful discussion by producing energizing new or lesser-known challenging plays; introducing children and young adults to the excitement of seeing plays performed live and ex...
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What did mark need?

For a theater brochure/posters, etc -- is it possible to get specific strategic advice about how the look, feel, colors of graphics/posters/brochures appeals to various audiences? Current trends?

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Mar 24, 2020


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Caroline L.


As a brand manager at Campbell Soup Company, Caroline has won the prestigious CEO Award for outstanding marketer of the year and worked on significant marketing campaigns including "Made for Real, Real Life" and Swanson "Why I Cook". She led the Food Service Chain Accounts team (B2B) representing...
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What did Caroline have to offer?

In addition to my background in the arts (art history and gallery management), I have worked on various communications projects from label design for retail products to social media, PR, and advertising campaigns.

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