See how Tiffany's skills helped New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders on an Illustration project.

Doreen P.

New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders

The New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome is a not-for-profit organization committed to the advocacy of children and families with Tourette Syndrome and its associated disorders. Dedicated to delivering high quality services to these individuals, the Center recognizes the importance of educatin...
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What did Doreen need?

We need a second edition of our comic book Twitcha to help educate young people about Tourette Syndrome.

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May 15, 2020


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Tiffany P.


Hi, I'm Tiffany and I am a graphic designer/student. I love all things art, but most of all I love helping others and making their ideas a reality. I am a leader, sister, survivor, and fighter. I love to collaborate and I am very detail-oriented. My goal is to solve your design problems and in t...
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What did Tiffany have to offer?

I will start off saying I do not know anyone with this disorder however I do know about mental disabilities as my aunt has cerebral palsy and often went to the Special Olympics and spent time with her on trips with her and the mentally or physically disabled I did read into Tourettes Syndrome and know that sometimes singing helps out but how it'as a struggle and I hope that a cure is found I am passionate about supporting this cause because nobody should struggle to have a voice But I believe art can help find your voice. When it comes to illustrations I have a strong background. I worked with an internship for a couple of years and within those years I mainly worked on backgrounds, comic strips, images, and made pictures that were animated with the backgrounds I designed. I created graphics for WISE magazine and have a very strong background in adobe illustrator and photoshop. I have some experience with Adobe After effects and InDesign. I am very detail-oriented and dedicated. Aside from working as a graphic designer for my internship in Superinterns I actually went from a designer to a co-manager.

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