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kathy w.


NJPC is a statewide coalition of family members and impacted youth whose mission is to ensure that every family who has children with special emotional and behavioral needs is given an opportunity to play a strong and active role in the conceptualization, development and delivery of effective and...
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What did kathy need?

Because it provides access for our membership to increase Their learning capacity although they may have physical needs.

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May 15, 2020


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Affeeq I.


I am a Self-Taught Front-End/Back-End Web Developer and I am passionate to share my skills and experience to non-profit organizations for their causes. My focus are on web development, web design, web functionality and web responsiveness. I am also self-driven and detailed oriented in order to me...
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What did Affeeq have to offer?

I believe every children should have equal opportunities to grow and be an important part of society regardless of their history. A strong and endless support from their family plays an integral part for them to grow. New Jersey Parents Caucus objective to provide essential knowledge and service to both youth and parents is amazing. It would be great if I could be a part of this initiative and I am hoping to be able to make an impact in the families and their children's life! As a self taught web developer, I have learned and built personal projects using both front end and back end technologies, such as Bootstrap, jQuery, Vue.js, Node.js and MongoDB. I recently built a stock trader app using Vue.js with features such as save and load data from database, form validation, transition and animation. I believe my technical skills are well suited for this project and I hope you consider me for this opportunity!

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