See how Carlos' skills helped New Jersey Minority Educational Development (NJ MED) on a Social Media Starter Strategy project.

Albert N. M.

New Jersey Minority Educational Development (NJ MED)

New Jersey Minority Educational Development[1] (also known as NJ MED) is an American non-governmental organization NGO that provides technical support to local, national, and international educational organizations through market research and innovative programming design services from early chil...
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What did Albert need?

We have completed two parts of our four part plan to help educate children in over 200 countries by the year 2030.

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May 14, 2020


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Carlos R.


An experienced and creative video editor/producer who collaborates with others to deliver quality content to promote brands. In over 15 years, I've worked in between the United States and Europe for. TV and social media.

What did Carlos have to offer?

The children that NJMED are looking after have the same background or come from the same type of neighborhoods that I came from. I would like to help by using my experience in video and social media to enhance the profile of NJMED. I worked for Blecher Report for 7 years, which involved working on, in all aspects, driving social content for sports, mainly NBA, NFL, and European soccer. My work consisted from editing and producing video to helping brainstorm ideas to give the content more appeal and consistent engagement.

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