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John E.

Archangel Raphael's Mission

Provide much needed personal hygiene services to homeless people in Middlesex County with the goal of raising each person's self esteem and ultimately his/her quality of life.

What did John need?

Having a website, especially during COVID is the #1 way for us to connect with the outside community. Having one that is responsive, quick, and direct is the best way to grow support for our work.

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May 19, 2020


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Rohan G.


Digital transformation leader in app, .com, and omni. 10+ years in business management, strategy, experience design + build.

What did Rohan have to offer?

Aside from being a local (Highland Park) and a Rutgers grad, I've recently come to realize my luck in every advantage I've been gifted. A mostly stable upbringing, a great education, and a support system of people that cared for me along my path. I've also realized that opportunity and good fortune are not evenly distributed by the universe, and that I need to find a meaningful way to make my luck count for the benefit of others who need a hand. My career path has always been about creating great experiences by understanding the union of what your user needs and how your organization is the missing link. My approach is set on balancing the hard goals (having built and run many of Verizon's digital sales experiences) with the emotion, nuance, and cultural connectivity of brand.

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