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Aaron B.

People For DJ's

People for DJs seek to provide DJ equipment and other musical instruments to underprivileged children to enable them to pursue creative, artistic and entrepreneurial paths which will help better themselves and their communities. (this is a work in progress)

What did Aaron need?

Our marketing strategy is the foundation of all our communication with our target audience. If our approach is effective our impact will be greater. We will be able to form more partnerships, generate more funds, create greater interest in our cause and scale our organization efficiently.

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Jun 25, 2020


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Forte D.


We are three recent graduates (Kelsey, Carrie, and Jon) of UC Berkeley Extension's Digital Marketing Bootcamp, an intensive 24-week program. As new players in the field, we are looking for opportunities to strengthen and apply our digital marketing skills in a real world setting, and we are passi...
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What did Forte have to offer?

As three avid musicians ourselves, (a DJ cellist vocalist) we are very aware of the powerful and positive impact that music has in personal development and community betterment. Your mission to provide equipment and instruments to underprivileged children and to give them the opportunity to make music is a cause we are extremely passionate about - all three of us continue to share our music with our communities and it all started with having access to such equipment instrument and services. We hope to give underprivileged children the same opportunities that we had to explore and find their musical potentials. With our intensive bootcamp training and professional experience we are knowledgeable and skilled in digital marketing - specifically marketing strategies brand messaging and audience targeting. We are very well-versed with website design and all social media platforms which complements our ability to increase brand awareness and generate revenue. We have strong business and leadership acumen with proven skills in building and executing campaigns to achieve business goals. Additionally we are all extremely organized and driven people who approach projects with full dedication and thoughtfulness. Most importantly we are a creative enthusiastic group that highly values relationship building and cross-functional collaboration.

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