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Kimone J.

The Amazing Help

Our mission is to help children and families change their frustration into fruition by teaching them to understand, protect and sustain their mental wellness.

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This project is important because having our bookkeeping in order and an effective budget will align us better with grants.

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Jun 26, 2020


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paul f.


- I want to share what I have learned over my career - Strong experience in Finance, Accounting, Budgeting and Analysis. - Coach and Mentor to my operational business staff and direct reports. Great listener. - Understand small businesses, and am an expert at improving cash flow and business ...
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What did paul have to offer?

I like the fact that Amazing Help is focused on helping children's mental health, confidence, and happiness. Even when I was young most schools didn't have resources to help in these areas and i was fortunate to have a good family structure to help me grow and be happy. It is much harder now for the underserved in general but also with the current COVID/economic crisis. It is more vital now for organizations like Amazing Help to provide these services. By me giving my expertise helping set up your financials it will allow the nonprofit to focus on its mission. My background is in finance, accounting, and operations. I am strong at building budgets and converting team goals into financials, financial analysis, and cash flow management. I have many years experience with quickbooks, sage, xero, aplos and many other accounting systems for small businesses. I have helped several non-profits implement accounting systems and policies, develop reports, and train users how to navigate through the complexities of accounting systems

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