The Ammon Foundation

Linden, New Jersey, USA

Saved $4,390

Education, Civil Rights, Human Services


The Ammon Foundation provides strategic support to removes barriers for those in addiction recovery seeking higher education.

What We Do

The data shows that people in addiction recovery are not being offered the educational opportunities they need. It also shows that those who pursue and complete some type of higher education are significantly less likely to re-engage in use.

The Ammon Foundation believes that education empowers individuals through fostering self-esteem, leadership skills and general purpose. All people deserve access to education.

The Ammon Foundation has two main programs in which we attempt to provide strategic support to remove barriers for those in addiction recovery to be able to access and succeed while continuing their education:
1. The Ammon Foundation Workshop Program
2. The Ammon Foundation Scholarship Program
The goal of our Workshop Program is to help individuals in addiction recovery identify what type of higher education is right for them; successfully navigate the application and financial aid process; and arm them with the necessary life-skills to be a successful student.

We also recognize that the financial obligation of continuing education can be extremely challenging. The goal of our Scholarship Program is to help financially support individuals in addiction recovery who are continuing their education. We are committed to giving away at least $50,000 in scholarships every year.