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Whitney J.

Founder and Executive Director
Greenwich, CT, USA


Whitney Johnson, founder and executive director of Ubuntu Africa NFP., is an ardent activist, youth leader, and world changer. Inspired by her experiences while studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa and volunteering in an orphanage in the nearby township of Khayelitsha, Whitney was drawn to the cause of supporting HIV positive children. She noticed a gap in services and sustained assistance for children living with HIV. She wanted to ensure that HIV positive children received the support they needed to live long and healthy lives. She graduated from Colorado College in 2006 with a degree in psychology. At the age of 21, Whitney established Ubuntu Africa, a nonprofit organization with the mission of providing health and support services to HIV positive children in under-served communities in South Africa.

Through her diligence and determination Whitney successfully secured funding to support her vision for Ubuntu Africa, which included the establishment of a children's HIV care center in Khayelitsha. The center now provides health services, social work, counseling, HIV education, nutrition, and confidence-boosting activities for HIV positive children and their families.

As Executive Director of Ubuntu Africa and public speaker on HIV/AIDS and philanthropy, Whitney is an inspiring role model and is committed to empowering young people from around the world to make a difference.