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Joann P.

Executive Director
Clark, NJ, USA


Joann received her Bachelor of Professional Studies from the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in New York, where she proceeded to work in the world of fashion. But her passion for charitable work was always stronger than her interest in the garment industry, and ultimately would take her far away from Fashion Avenue. In 1994 Joann applied for a position at the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation (ECF) in Monmouth County. Little did she know that answering that ad would lead her to the demanding, and unbelievably rewarding, job as ECF’s Eastern Regional Director, a role in which she found the outlet for her desire to help others. In this position, she worked on behalf of area families struggling with pediatric cancer, running highly successful fundraising events, engaging the local media, being an ambassador for ECF, and leading many teams of active volunteers. In 2015, Joann’s dedication to ECF and its families, her drive to grow the organization, and her contagious enthusiasm earned her the title of ECF’s Executive Director. In addition to overseeing the operations of this statewide organization and its four regional centers, Joann works with the Board of Trustees on developing the strategic plan, fundraising and budgeting, guides 23 staff members, and is responsible for maintaining a growing budget.