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Erin O.

Boston, MA, USA
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Professional Experience

User Experience Design, General Assembly

January, 2017 - January, 2017

Director of Marketing, Cortex

January, 2017 - August, 2017

Led the strategic planning and execution of marketing efforts and external user experience. Conducted research to create user personas, develop brand voice and market positioning. Designed user flows, analyzed interface issues and information architecture to effectively optimize website usability and conversion rates. Implemented a lean marketing process of testing and analyzing results to iterate and improve.

Director of Marketing | Growth, Weft

March, 2015 - May, 2016

Weft (acquired May 2016) is a global logistics data company combining sensors and supply chain analytics to provide businesses with real-time asset intelligence, reduce disruption, and improve operational productivity. Weft is the single source of truth in global logistics.
My priorities include
- Developing brand voice and narrative to resonate with customers and identifying customer archetypes.
- Managing digital marketing, campaigns and events across various media and channels to scale and grow Weft(tm) business.
- Ideating, creating and executing lead-gen campaigns, including planning, analysis and evaluation to optimize performance.
- Collaborating with design to produce assets; working in conjunction with product development team to translate customer feedback into features.
- Responsible for redesign of the company website, including structure, copy, split-testing
- Develop all company collateral, such as blog and social media content, sales support materials (1-pagers, white papers, case studies), email campaigns, etc.

Social Media Specialist, Keurig, Incorporated

March, 2013 - February, 2015

Community Management: A co-moderator in Keurig social media properties, managing the moderation processes and execution. Developed new and innovative strategies to improve customer experience and increase brand recognition in order to drive sales.
Social Media Analyst: Managed all social media data reporting to optimize campaigns, promotions and engagement with content. Created and distributed dashboards to marketing, product and executive teams.
Engagement Strategist: Lead a cross-functional collaboration to enhance YouTube presence. Produced and executed Vine content strategy.

Marketing Associate, PayPal

August, 2010 - September, 2012

Supported PayPal Media Network (PPMN), which is the advertising division of PayPal. Produced high-end marketing and public relations events, SEO strategies and brand positioning initiatives throughout PayPal's acquisition of WHERE, Inc.
Developed social media marketing plans, expanded user-generated content and provided frontline customer service.

UX Designer & Marketer, Independent User Experience & Marketing Consultant

January, 2009 - Current

Bridge the gap between customers and product engineers to create stellar customer experiences and maximum product viability for clients. Conduct primary and secondary research to deeply probe market intelligence, navigate pain points and create frictionless customer experiences. Produce, execute and analyze strategies to increase user engagement throughout the purchase funnel.
- User research and interviews for GasBuddy
- Identify user needs, create multiple design and content concepts, and execute marketing strategy for men's shopping service The Wardrobe Essentialist
- Brand development and marketing strategy for TechStars participant, Polis App
- Define target audience and optimize content for local media source @BostonTweet
- Increased leads for J. Hilburn Boston stylist through social media marketing plan
- C-Level executive branding

University of Virginia

January, 2008 - January, 2008

Semester at Sea

Bachelors of Science, Boston University

January, 2006 - January, 2010

Communication, Public Relations, Spanish