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Digital marketing doesn't have to be complicated (or expensive). You can attract customers without spending every minute of your free time reading about SEO or getting bullied out of your last dime by big ad agencies.

Do any of these sound familiar?

> Your online marketing consists of dabbling in a little of this, a little of that. It's kinda like a digital Russian Roulette.

> It feels like you've taken an invisibility pill because oh my God, nobody sees you. But they see (and pay) your competition.

> One month you have more customers than you can handle. The next month, it's like a ghost town. You need consistency.

> "Build a website! Get on social media!" they said. And you did. But it'd be kinda cool if they actually produced some quality leads.

Hi, I'm Stephen Ledford and I help small businesses connect to customers with less stress and without wasting time and money.

For nearly 20 years, I owned and managed small businesses in the health and fitness industry. Talk about a brutal market! I know how stressful it is to:

> Keep a steady customer flow so the bills get paid.
> Stand out from the competition when customers are already bombarded by ads.
> Balance marketing, running my business, and having enough free time to keep my sanity.
> Not go broke in the process.

Now I help other small business owners get and keep more customers.

Would it benefit your business to:

> Create a focused digital marketing plan tailored to your budget and time?
> Position your business as a trusted expert in a busy market?
> Create a consistent flow of customers who value what you offer?
> Keep those customers coming back for more?

If you said yes, I can help (really, it's what I do).

Wonder if we're a good fit? Find out at

Or schedule a free consultation on my calendar at

I'm all ears.

Stephen Ledford


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