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Loryn S.

Communications Manager
Atlantic City, NJ, USA


Loryn Simonsen is a founder, designer, writer, artist, yoga teacher, and Atlantic City believer.
She is committed to activating positive change in her community.

In 2011 Loryn joined Adaptly, a leading New York City-based ad-tech start-up. Recognizing the need for a structured recruiting process early on, Loryn branched out to develop the company's human resources department, ultimately sitting on the leadership team as the VP of People. During her tenure, Adaptly grew from 25 to 125+ employees and expanded to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Sydney.

Loryn left Adaptly in the summer of 2017 with her sights set on finding ways to make impactful change. She traveled to Portugal, Morocco, France, and Bali before returning to her hometown in South Jersey. In November, she joined the founding team of Hayday, Atlantic City's Coffee Shop. In addition, Loryn joined the Atlantic City Arts Foundation as the Program Manager for 48 Blocks Atlantic City, an annual city-wide celebration of community, arts, and culture. She is currently serving as ACAF's Communications Manager.