Business Plan Writing

Housing & Homelessness

By John E.

Nonprofit Samurai

Posted Sep 24, 2017


This project will save us $5,250, allowing us to focus on essential community services like care packages and working towards out shower bus goal!.

What We Need

  • An effective and concise document that covers the following: Mission and Vision Statement, Executive Summary, Product/Service Offerings, Target Market, Marketing Plan, Industry and Competitive Analysis, Financials, Resumes of the Organization's Leadership, Your Offering, Appendix.
  • An internal guide to align your Organization’s day-to-day operations and goals
  • A fresh perspective on your Organization’s goals and strategies

Nice To Have

ARM is comprised of a bunch of young, dedicated, community-driven individuals. This IS our first rodeo, so if you think we might need something, we probably do!

How This Will Help

Social innovation is only as good as the support it can leverage. We are scaling a program, so we KNOW it can be successful; we just have to make sure businesses and foundations agree! A business plan is a critical element of that discussion.

What We Have In Place

We have an amazing toolkit from lavamae about the program we plan to scale and an ultra-dedicated team of community-driven leaders!

Fun Fact

ARM loves the hail mary pass! There's nothing too bold for our outfit. We are young, dedicated, and ready to make a splash!

  • Location: Remote (work anywhere)

Project Steps

  • Prep: Distribution of prep materials
    • Available materials are distributed to Professional, including Mission and Vision Statement, Market Analysis, Financials, etc.
  • Milestone 1: Business Plan goals
    • Professional assesses materials shared and comments on any information gaps required for Business Plan
    • Professional and Volunteer Manager discuss goal and audience
    • Professional and Volunteer Manager discuss tone and presentation style for each section of the Business Plan document
  • Milestone 2: Document first draft
    • Professional shares first draft of Business Plan with Volunteer Manager
    • Volunteer Manager gives detailed feedback with comments and questions
  • Milestone 3: Document final draft
    • Professional incorporates feedback and delivers final draft to Volunteer Manager
Prerequisites for Professional
  • Background in business development, strategy consulting, entrepreneurship or a comparable relevant field.
  • Excellent writing and communications expertise (please provide examples).
Prerequisites for Organization
  • A working draft of your Business Plan that covers 3-5 years.
  • A staff member strongly committed to the project willing to collaborate with the Professional and assist with information gathering and feedback in order to ensure timely and successful completion

Our Mission

Provide much needed personal hygiene services to homeless people in Middlesex County with the goal of raising each person's self esteem and ultimately his/her quality of life.

What We Do

ARM was born out of a push to do more. Most of our founders were Rutgers University Alumni and we often found that student engagement was limited to very scripted activities that treat philanthropy as a reactive rather than a proactive endeavor. We were tired of doing the least we could do, so we fixed that. ARM currently operates several events a year that focus on putting the wonderful private institutions that make New Brunswick and Middlesex County unique back to the service of its citizens. Oh, and did we mention, we want to retrofit a metro bus to bring free showers and connect service providers to guests in Middlesex County! #JointheARMy and let's fight to make our community a little better, together.

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John E.

Project: Business Plan Writing for Archangel Raphael's Mission

Posted Oct 5, 2017

Hey yall! ARM has had some stellar work from out Catchafire volunteers and we are hoping to keep it up! Our major and most ambitious program is retrofitting a Metrobus with showers and washer/dryers for the homeless in our community. A big part of making that happen is getting a solid business plan together; does anyone think that might be something they're interested in?

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