Membership Strategy



This project will save us $6,000, allowing us to grow our membership, increase our revenue to support our work, and engage in greater outreach..

What We Need

  • A Membership Strategy document of up to 10 pages including analysis of the Organization’s current membership program, step-by-step guide to a new and improved program, growth goals and creative outreach strategies

How This Will Help

The Stony Brook Watershed Association is a member supported organization whose mission is to keep water clean, safe and healthy in central New Jersey. We have 1,500 current members with 85 giving $1,000 or more, 152 giving $250-$999 and the rest below $250. We need a strategy to reach younger members, new members and to do a better job of online and mobile membership opportunities and giving in general. We always struggle defining member vs. donor.
Our organization's budget is $2million and we have 21 staff.

What We Have In Place

The organization has made a commitment to improving our marketing and communications. We just hired a Marketing Manager to help in this area. This person works closely with our Communications Manager, along with me, the Development Director. We are open to spending on recommendations that makes sense for us to reach our goals.

Fun Fact

We have a wonderful and beautiful new environmental center that is our hub for everything. We have a reserve of 960 acres and ten miles of hiking trails and our Butterfly House is the best.
We do have native animals to visit such as turtles and fish.

  • Location: Remote (work anywhere)

Project Steps

  • Prep: Distribution of prep materials
    • Professional connects with Volunteer Manager to discuss current membership program, development goals, budget, and growth goals
  • Milestone 1: Information gathering
    • Professional and Volunteer Manager develop and execute an in-depth SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
    • Professional surveys existing and potential members through focus groups and/or one-on-one interviews to obtain external data
    • Professional conducts independent market analysis to research the target market, competition, and peer organizations' membership development strategies
  • Milestone 2: Drafting document
    • Professional creates a strategy document including membership development and engagement recommendations, including communications and outreach strategies, events and activities, ongoing services and programs
    • Volunteer Manager reviews and provides feedback which the Professional incorporates
  • Milestone 3: Presentation of final deliverable
    • Professional delivers the final document
    • Volunteer Manager and Professional conduct a wrap-up meeting and discuss next steps for implementation of this strategy
Prerequisites for Professional
  • Background in strategic consulting, business development, membership acquisition, or community-building
  • Ability to create a strategic and actionable plan for membership acquisition and retention
Prerequisites for Organization
  • An established membership program
  • An Executive Director, Membership Director and/or Board of Directors who are strongly committed to the project
  • Staff and financial resources to allocate budget and resources to implement changes in your Organization

Our Mission

Keeping water clean, safe and healthy is the heart of our mission. We work to protect and restore our water and natural environment in central New Jersey through conservation, advocacy, science and education.

What We Do

The Watershed Association fulfills its mission through four core strategies: Advocacy- Advocating for local ordinances and state laws that protect the environment and engaging our communities around environmental issues. Science- Monitor 50 plus streams for pollution and share data with local and state officials. Teach people how to make changes in their daily lives to minimize impact on the environment, focusing on storm water and non-point source pollution. Education- Teach over 10,000 adults and children about the natural environment and man's connection to it to develop the future stewards of the environment. Conservation and Stewardship- Maintain a 930 acre preserve with 10 miles of hiking trails, a LEED-Platinum Environmental Center demonstrating green infrastructure, architecture and landscaping.

Environment Education Science & Technology