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This project will save us $1,500, allowing us to focus our resources on other marketing materials and fundraising initiatives.

What We Need

  • A Professional who will work with the Organization over 1-2 days to capture an important event or shoot a series of photographs to tell the Organization's story
  • A set of professionally edited, high-resolution images delivered in JPEG or TIFF format suitable for web or print use
  • Note: The photographer needs to be available in the same geographical location as the Organization or be willing to travel at own expense

How This Will Help

The success of our organization depends on visibility. Without your help, we cannot show the world the LINC community. Your skills will empower us to build our brand and establish a cohesive image.

What We Have In Place

We currently have storyboard ideas and great locations which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have press releases and the ability to provide any other information you need.

Fun Fact

A new school year is underway! Literacy Inc will welcome 15,000 students and 5,000 parents into our programs across New York City. Our lesson plans, calendars, book giveaways, and community staff are ready. We are only missing one thing...YOU! To take photos of our amazing programs!

  • Location: This opportunity requires the volunteer to be on-site

Project Steps

  • Prep: Distribution of prep materials
    • Volunteer Manager provides background on the Organization and goals for the photos (intended usage & number of photos needed)
    • Professional and Volunteer Manager agree upon a work plan including: budget, shoot location, dates, length of shoot and materials needed.
  • Milestone 1: Photo shoot
    • Professional directs the photo shoot on agreed upon date and time
  • Milestone 2: Editing
    • Professional edits and color corrects the photos.
  • Milestone 3: Presentation of deliverables
    • Professional delivers high-resolution images to the Organization
    • If the agreed upon deliverable was a photo essay, the Volunteer Manager works with the Professional to edit the selection of key photos into an essay and craft captions
    • Organization credits the photos appropriately
Prerequisites for Professional
  • Experience with event/commercial photography or photojournalism (please provide sample work)
  • Proficiency using editing software
  • Proximity to the Organization or willingness to travel
Prerequisites for Organization
  • An idea for the story you want to tell, willing subjects or an event you’d like to document
  • Signed releases for subjects and location
  • Ability to cover hard expenses (film, developing)

Our Mission

“When a child reads, a community succeeds!” The premise is simple. Every community has resources waiting to be activated to bring the joy of reading to children. Literacy Inc. (LINC) engages the entire community around reading because we believe that all of the people and places that interact with children during their day can support their early literacy achievement.

What We Do

High-quality early childhood programs, family involvement and community support are critical in developing strong literacy skills for at-risk emerging readers. Through its unique approach, LINC builds vibrant networks that support literacy throughout the community. LINC works with schools, families, libraries, community centers, local businesses, and community partners to create a sustained, coordinated effort that gives families opportunities to practice literacy skills, model good reading behaviors, and extend classroom learning. LINC’s innovative Comprehensive Literacy Model improves grade-level literacy skills using three interlocking strategies: • LINC increases in and out-of-school time opportunities for students and families to practice essential literacy skills and model positive reading behaviors, and • LINC demonstrates to parents how to create a literacy-rich home environment and engage with the school around their child’s literacy development, providing books and resources, and • LINC organizes the community, through parent leadership training and collaborations with neighborhood-based organizations, to grow and sustain a culture that supports reading achievement for all children through coordinated enrichment opportunities. LINC works in the highest poverty communities where children are coming to school significantly behind in their language and literacy skills. We provide programs and support in under-resourced communities that mirror what more advantaged children routinely experience in their lives, so that at-risk students can acquire the reading skills to allow them to stay in school, graduate and not perpetuate the cycle of poverty.