Tech Systems Setup



This project will save us $4,000, allowing us to Bring our content to life.

What We Need

  • Implementation of Tech Systems Review, or equivalent technology systems plan

Nice To Have

Assistance in migrating our web site to the cloud as well

How This Will Help

The success of our organization depends on Making our content available electronically. Without your help, we cannot Establish an Azure Cloud Platform. Your skills will empower us to Reach wider audiences.

What We Have In Place

We currently have A 5,000 Azure Cloud Grant which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have Staff Availlable to learn and assist and the ability to provide any other information you need.

Fun Fact

DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation Inc. (DMFLF), a 501(c)(3) organization is working to close the financial literacy gap in our country and build stronger, financially literate communities -- one student, one classroom, one school at a time.

  • Location: Remote (work anywhere)

Project Steps

  • Prep: Distribution of prep materials
    • Volunteer Manager shares strategic technology plan with Professional
    • Volunteer Manager purchases hardware and software
  • Milestone 1: Implementation
    • Professional implements technology plan
    • Professional performs requisite Quality Assurance testing to ensure setup was done properly
  • Milestone 2: Support
    • Professional provides basic training for technology staff if necessary
    • Professional troubleshoots any issues that may arise
Prerequisites for Professional
  • Experience setting up technology infrastructure from scratch
  • Understanding of full lifecycle of IT projects including connection, development, and support
Prerequisites for Organization
  • Tech Systems Review, or equivalent strategic plan for tech infrastructure in place

Our Mission

To Prepare Students for a Lifetime of Financial Responsibility

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