Print Materials Design

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Djenaba F.

Media and Communications Specialist

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May 22, 2018
Virtual volunteer opportunity
Print Materials Design
Impact statement
This project will save us $3,607 , allowing us to have a ready to go template for future use. We really want a full design that is eye-catching and uses our current logo and brand.

Project Details

What We Need
  • Designs for a pre-determined number of marketing or communications materials (examples: one-pager/fact sheets, case studies, fundraising collateral, event invitations, annual reports, and pamphlets)
  • Templates with accurate, print-ready specifications
  • Note: This project does not include printing
Additional Details

We would like the design to be created in a format using Creative Suite or something in Illustrator. We need a template to use that has a layout that can be easily changed and updated.

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have all the information needed for inclusion, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have time set aside for completion, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help

We are looking for someone to review the current design of our first E-Magazine. Although it is in its final stages, we'd appreciate feedback on its structure and contents from someone that has experience working with a healthcare agency/center. We would like a different design created if possible. The design should be made using a design program we currently have in-house.

The magazine will help us to communicate with our stakeholders, funders and other community supporters on the valuable work we are doing at Henry J. Austin Health Center.

Project Plan

Prep: Distribution of Prep Materials
  • Volunteer Manager provides the Professional with a budget for print materials, finalized copy, high-resolution logo, and any visual branding guidelines to be utilized
  • Volunteer Manager also provides images for desired deliverables (if applicable), examples of existing marketing materials and links to online presence (website and social media)
  • Volunteer Manager shares Brand Messaging guidelines (if applicable)
Milestone 1: Preliminary Concepts
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager discuss how print materials will be utilized, target audience, and style preferences
  • Professional develops preliminary sketches, and garners feedback from Volunteer Manager
Milestone 2: Graphic Creation
  • Professional drafts print materials, and incorporates any feedback into the final product
Milestone 3: Final Draft
  • Professional delivers the final versions in the desired electronic format
  • Professional provides guidance on printing specifications (colors, size, etc.)
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