See how Mikeie's skills helped Curémonos on an Annual Report Writing project.

Dora A.


Curémonos mission is to provide education, support and advocacy to medically underserved women, primarily Latinas, affected by breast cancer.

What did Dora need?

The success of our organization depends on effective communication and storytelling of our impact. Without your help, we cannot develop our annual report. Your skills will empower us to attract new board members and increase our donor base.

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Dec 5, 2016


Mikeie R.


I currently work part-time as a high school Spanish teacher and part-time as a writer. What I'm most passionate about is writing and serving Spanish-speaking communities, and I'd love to find a job that lets me pursue both. I graduated magna cum laude from Davidson College in 2015 with a degree i...
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What did Mikeie have to offer?

As I stated earlier, I believe that Curémonos and I are an excellent match. As a high school Spanish teacher, I speak fluent Spanish. I lived in Madrid for a year, and I was raised by a Mexican niñera named Arcelia, essentially my second mother. After the election, I'm more passionate than ever about serving Spanish-speaking communities. Curémonos seems like a fantastic organization, and I know I can help. I'm a tenacious worker, and I believe my passions - writing and working with Spanish-speaking communities - align perfectly with this project. Dora, I hope to hear from you soon! During my time as a professional writer, I've worked on all sorts of copy, from articles about Premier League football to product reviews about Stand-Up Paddleboards. You can evaluate my quality by viewing my porfolio. Although I've never written an annual report, I'm confident I can tackle the challenge of writing one. I'm rarely well-versed in the topics that I'm assigned, but I'm a tenacious researcher and I love diving into projects. With Curémonos, I will research how to write an excellent and effective annual report and I'll deliver it.

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