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No Peeking Theatre

No Peeking is an immersive and inclusive theatre experience that stimulates all senses except for sight.

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this project should impact our visibility and ticket sales

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Dec 31, 2019


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Gabriela C.


Graphic Designer with a wealth of knowledge working in the nonprofit sector. As a graduate of DePaul University with a BFA in Graphic Design, I take joy in working with nonprofit clients in the Chiacagoland area and beyond. I specialize in branding, digital advertising, and social media developme...
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I have been involved in theater since high school, acting in school productions and competing in State Thespian competitions. I loved my time in theater acting and love to give back now from a behind the scenes perspective with design and marketing. I love the vibrant community that surrounds theater and gives it life! I have interned with Stage 773, a Chicago area nonprofit theater that supports a variety of productions from musicals, to dramas, to sketch comedy! I would love to keep working within the theater community with this project. I have experience managing a social media account for many volunteer opportunities before including my rugby team, The Chicago Lions, and a nonprofit committed to LGBTQ positive education: The It Gets Better Project. I wish to work on my social media management experience as well and help out your organization!

still in progress.
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