Middlesex County Recreation Council Kiddie Keep Well Camp


Edison, New Jersey, USA

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Youth Development, Education, Health & Nutrition


Middlesex County Recreation Council is a private, non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization that provides a residential camping experience for underprivileged and/or health impaired children and seniors from Middlesex County, New Jersey. Our mission is to develop and nurture responsible social expression, self-esteem, physical health, mental well-being and other sustainable life skills through a holistic approach and diverse programming. We strive to offer this opportunity to at-risk populations who

What We Do

Our camp program is called the Kiddie Keep Well Camp or KKWC. We serve children between the ages of seven and fifteen from low-income families, who often have limited access to health care, preventative education and recreational activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. The seniors who participate in the camp’s program often come from vulnerable situations, often with lack of direct support.

The programming combines educational, recreational, and health-focused activities to implement its comprehensive program. KKWC offers traditional camp activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, sports, nature, campfires, dance and drama. In addition to a large number of corporate volunteers who assist us in getting the camp ready each summer through camp maintenance and housekeeping, KKWC has many great community partners. Through in-kind services donated by our longstanding partners, each camper receives a medical and dental exam. In addition, the campers are offered a nutrition and dental hygiene education during each camp session. If additional work is needed, free dental exams are available for those campers that require it.

In addition to these health-beneficial activities, the social worker on staff provides individual and group workshops to address interpersonal and intrapersonal issues with the campers. Some of these character-building workshops include anger-management, self-esteem, internet awareness, bullying and other character-building skills. At KKWC, camp is a positive and enriching experience where all participants benefit physically, emotionally, and mentally through active participation in the camp’s programming.