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Alon M.

Social Media Call

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I'd like strategic advice on decluttering our Social Media to have more targeted posting, as well as increasing our presence on all social media platforms (current focus is primarily Facebook).
Additional Context

We have a lot of content we would like to post, but it seems we always end up with so many posts that many get lost in the shuffle. We also tend to have several posts going out on each day because we have so many staff members posting and a lack of organization. We would like to clean up our pages, to ensure we can still post all of our content, but it will be more effective. So, we are requesting a strategic plan on how to get our social media more organized and broaden our presence on social media channels. Advice on our social media profile images is also requested.

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The goal of the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) is to support research initiatives and facilitate education programs that increase professional awareness and enhance medical care of those affected by Turner syndrome. Early diagnosis and comprehensive treatments over the lifespan may lead to a brighter and healthier future for all young girls and women with Turner syndrome.


Alon was very thorough, ensuring to ask questions about the organization in order to understand our demographics and goals first. He offered several helpful ideas on how we can improve our social media presence and increase the understanding of our mission and work.
Elizabeth Carmines
Elizabeth C.

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Social Media Phone Call

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