Business Plan Writing

Housing & Homelessness

This project will save us $12,988 , allowing us to do this in a professional way and to make what has been a longterm goal of the organization a reality.

What We Need

  • An effective and concise document that covers the following: Mission and Vision Statement, Executive Summary, Products, Programs, and Services, Target Market, Marketing Plan, Industry and Competitive Analysis, Financials, Organizational Structure, Management Team/Role of Board, Your Offering, Appendix, etc.
  • An internal guide to align day-to-day operations and goals
  • A fresh perspective on an Organization’s goals and strategies

How This Will Help

Manufactured Home Owners Association of New Jersey intends to expand its mission and to enter into different program areas over the next 2 years. We need some help refining and creating the organizational documents for this. Currently we are a all volunteer advocacy organization that has been operating for over 50 years. There is a sharp need for us to expand and enhance the work that we are now doing.

What We Have In Place

We have a active and engaged board of directors and have consistently strived to collaborate with other advocacy groups in the housing, community development, legal, tenant's rights and consumer protection areas. We do in-house policy work and have a small army of citizen advocates. We are primarily a grassroots group of community chapters and individual members. We are part of the I'm Home network with Prosperity Now and can access some of the resources they have developed for manufactured home owners. We work at Federal, State and local municipal levels.

Fun Fact

We represent over 35 000 households in New Jersey. Our homes and home owners are almost invisible within policy, legislation or legal advocates' world. This is despite the fact that manufactured housing is the largest source of unsubsidized affordable housing in the U.S.

  • Location: Remote (work anywhere)

Project Steps

  • Prep: Distribution of Prep Materials
    • Volunteer Manager shares all available materials with Professional, including Mission and Vision Statement, Market Analysis, Financials, etc.
  • Milestone 1: Business Plan Goals
    • Professional assesses materials shared and comments on any information gaps required for Business Plan
    • Professional and Volunteer Manager discuss goal and audience
    • Professional and Volunteer Manager discuss tone and presentation style for each section of the Business Plan document
  • Milestone 2: Document First Draft
    • Professional shares first draft of Business Plan with Volunteer Manager
    • Volunteer Manager gives detailed feedback with comments and questions
  • Milestone 3: Document Final Draft
    • Professional incorporates feedback and delivers final draft to Volunteer Manager
Prerequisites for Professional
  • Background in business development, strategy consulting, entrepreneurship or experience in a relevant field
  • Excellent writing and communications expertise (please provide examples)
Prerequisites for Organization
  • A staff member strongly committed to the project willing to collaborate with the Professional and assist with information gathering and feedback in order to ensure timely and successful completion

Our Mission

MHOA NJ was founded and exists for the purpose of insuring the rights of manufactured home owners by dispelling through education the misconceptions and myths held by the public, media, and government officials concerning manufactured housing its owners and/or residents. Our goals are to : 1. Protect and strengthen manufactured housing communities and rights of everyone living in manufactured homes. 2. Promote meaningful change in legislation to increase legal protection for community residents. 3. Preserve efforts and encourage its residents to live in comfortable and safe communities. 4. Strive to educate our legislators and municipal leaders about issues which impact our community.

What We Do

We do lots! Organize home owners within manufactured housing communities, provide education and advocacy on municipal, state and federal issues that impact manufactured homeowners. Work for affordable safe housing with dignity for all, particularly seniors, people with limited incomes. Empower home owners' voices and fight discrimination and unfair stereotypes about manufactured housing. Provide services to manufactured housing communities and home owners.